Wonzie World is a cute, quirky, co-operative family-friendly game for two players aged 4+.

Wonzie World is available now on pc, Mac & android.

Purpose of the game

Wonzie World is a cute, quirky, co-operative family-friendly game for two people aged 3+. It is for anyone who has ever tried to outrun a grandparent intent on kissing them. Tiger & Bee avoid the over-enthusiastic Kissies, by building different dens together to hide in. From Level 1’s playroom pillow fort they move on to a beach, a park, a farm and a waterpark. The gameplay is silly, fun and can be as fast or slow as you like. 

How to play

If the Kissies catch Tiger OR Bee three times the game ends, but the game can just start again. Tiger and/or Bee can be made unkissable to make the game more relaxed and easier for very young children to play – just pause the game and change the Kiss Shield settings.

Two people can play on the same device or choose to play together online. The simple controls are two buttons each on a controller, standard gameplay keys on a keyboard, or touchscreen on Android. 


Wonzie World is designed to be suitable for people with different hand abilities and to join in. Our youngest play testers were 3, and so far we haven’t found an upper age limit!

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For free downloadable colouring sheets based on the game CLICK HERE

Wonzie World is carefully designed to create intergenerational connection and thoughtfulness through fun and playful games that are thought provoking, co-operative, non-violent, gender-neutral and enjoyable for different ages to engage with together. The games also offer opportunities for family play to strengthen bonds within dispersed families.